Prophecy, Healing & Deliverance Training

 Praise God our ongoing virtual Prophecy, Healing & Deliverance (PHD) Training is going well.  Call 416-938-9147 to register or for more info on the next PHD Training.


                                      WHAT IS JBRC?

Jesus Blessed Redeemer Church (JBRC) is a Jesus Christ-centered, Bible-obedient Christian church who is ANOINTED BY THE GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in the field of Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance (PHD).

God is using our church mightily for the healing and deliverance of people through advance methods taught by the Holy Spirit. Not only that but we also train the delivered/healed people on how to maintain their deliverance/healing and how to be mighty warriors of God.

But of course, along with miracles, signs and wonders, we also love to worship God, pray, study and obey the Bible, and fellowship with other should be the characteristics of the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ, our Blessed Redeemer.

The church leadership is composed of anointed Christians well-trained in the Word of God and church ministries such as Shepherding, Evangelism, Discipleship, Worship, Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance. Through God's anointing and the leadership's advance skills in the areas of Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance (PHD), people are continuously healed and set free from their financial, relationships, physical, emotional, mental, generational and spiritual bondages.

Once or twice a year we conduct a 7-Saturday PH D Course to train Christians on Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance. We had Pastors from other churches who testified about the effectiveness of this training and how it has helped them up to now in their Ministries.
Click here to see some of their Testimonies.

Since 2014, after the PHD Graduation, led by Pastor Larry, the PHD graduates would conduct a MASS HEALING AND DELIVERANCE where the community experiences the amazing POWER OF GOD!!!  

JBRC also works in prophetic dreams.  One time, upon God's direction, JBRC did a very successful mission in the Philippines by doing a lot of individual PHD and Mass Healing and Deliverance. Christians, even Pastors, were amazed at seeing and experiencing the power of God. Most of them could not believe that there were afflictions inside them. They wrongly thought that those afflictions were just normal. 

With JBRC's renowned anointing and skills in PHD, we have been getting calls for healing and deliverance prayers from all over Canada, USA, UK, Philippines, Puerto Rico, etc. Even over the phone people got healed and delivered. Truly, what an amazing God we serve!

Accompanied with the mighty works of the Holy Spirit, we are constantly expanding and is now looking to established more Care Groups in GTA.  

Recipients of our PHD gifts has been delivered from wicked spirits, devastating spells/curses and crippling diseases. Some of the mental cases we have handled has been healed instantaneously and was released from the mental hospital the next day. Some experienced for themselves the mighty touch of God and were healed instantly or after some conditions. See some of their Testimonies.

We are a multi-cultural, fun-loving, vibrant Christian church involved with activities that makes the community better. We coordinate with other community services group and has earned recognitions from associations like the Philippine Consulate General.  For our church's latest news, click here.

We regularly pray for people after the Worship Service but call first to be assured of a prayer appointment. We require all who needed healing and deliverance to come to our Worship Service on Sundays 3:15pm so that they could fill up a form and be soaked in the anointing of our Worship Service before the one-on-one prayer. 

Call 416-938-9147 for a prayer appointment or PHD Training.  

Praise God for the new church building 2019-8-4!!!


                           Aug 23 - Mostafa , ShirleyS

                           Aug 29 - Jeffrey K

                           Sep 6   - Kahlin L.

                           Sep 10 - Brenda A. 


 1)  Mass Healing & Deliverance in Toronto 
      Checkout this link:
 2)  Mass Healing & Deliverance in Etobicoke 
      Checkout this link:

 3)  Mass Healing & Deliverance-2 in Toronto
      Checkout this link: 
 4)  Mass Healing & Deliverance in the Phils
      Checkout this link:
5)  Deliverance in Yonge-Dundas Square
      A PHD Graduate experienced the PHD anointing
      a day after graduation in Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Sqr.
      Checkout this link:


2019-06-23 Demons were casted out from a lady that was prayed over 2 weeks ago. It turned out that she was practicing self-deliverance from Youtube. Instead, she attracted demons to herself. Be careful with these self-deliverance videos from Youtube. 

2019-06-23 Two ladies from the recent PHD Training casted out demons from a man from India. The demons were very violent...kicking chairs and people. It took 2  sessions before he was delivered completely. The PHD graduates were fired up because of this first-time experience.

2019-06-17  An Elderly with Asthma was prayed over in Humber River Hospital. She cough a lot of mucus and then felt better.

2019-06-02 A Lady was prophesied about her past (abortion, colon problem) and present (vacation plans). She was set free from these curses.  She was amazed. Nothing is hidden in God's sight. 

2018-05-28 A Lady who was always smelling rotting flesh+garbage was completely delivered from Satan, Molech, Murder and Abortion. Her 2 abortions were the cause of her breast cancer and  hysterectomy (removal of uterus). Ladies, be careful. Abortion is murder. There are a lot of spiritual and physical consequences of Abortion/Murder. (And some thought they got away from it because it was done 23 years ago. Silly!)

(more updates next time... just too busy now)

2018-11-11  Demons were casted out from the 3 ladies that were prayed over. One has got thousands of African demons. The 3rd lady almost could not believe that she was set free completely. She realized her complete freedom after a few days because there were no more oppressions and bad dreams. God is good!...all the time!

2018-10-01 to 2018-11-11 busy, no time to update.

2018-09-30  When a lady was scanned, Pastor Larry saw a dog biting her waist. Also, a broken plank of old wood was seen. It turned out that her family had a big quarrel with an uncle who beat up her father and grabbed their land (broken bitter relationships). She admitted that every time she eats food she would have this pain in her waist. Her Christian life is also miserable, specially her career. The curse was broken. She is free. Blessings will now flow like a mighty river into her life. The next Sunday she gave a testimony in the church that there is no more pain in her waist.

2018-4-22 to 2018-9-29  (Sorry...too many, too busy)

2018-04-21 One of my PHD Student requested a prayer. Her former spiritual mother, a witch, manifested along with Lucifer, Shanggo, and many more demons caused by her sinful past. It turned out that she has been sacrificed to Lucifer. It took about an hour but she was completely delivered. Also, the tumors / cancers, sicknesses and pains all over her body were gone. Praise the Lord!

2018-04-11  A young guy was having problem with his  focus on things that is why he cannot study well and his mind is always somewhere else. After Pastor Larry prayed for his soul, he got better and he testified that he feels lighter. 

2018-04-08 Doctors cannot diagnose what is wrong with a woman's tummy. Pastor Larry saw that it was because of some people who did voodoo to her...which she confirmed she had a fight with them in Africa. She vomitted all the afflictions and got healed.

2017Jan-2018March (too busy to update)

Dec 28 - Mom of 2 was healed from lots of fear and mind afflictions. Her daughter's skin has greatly been healed. 

Dec 10 - Pastor Larry saw many snakes surrounding a man. The man revealed that his mother was into lots of snakes and worship of snakes. He was set free.

Nov 29 - Man was delivered from unclean spirits (serpent, old Chinese lady, other demons) from his short stint in Whistler BC. 

Nov 28 - Even at the doorstep, Pastor Larry already discerned the witchcraft filthiness in an apartment. As he  closed his eyes and pray, he saw a lady doing something in the plants and hands working with the flour/dough. The homeowner admitted that she allowed a lady to stay in her house for 3 months. Later, the homeowner scolded the lady for going with a married man. One day the homeowner saw the lady doing something with the plants. A few days later the plants died. The home owner also revealed that one time she came home finding flour in almost every corner of her apartment. Also, Pastor Larry saw a white monkey sitting on her head giving her headaches and more afflictions. The homeowner was very happy after she and her house has been cleansed and healed.

Nov 26 - A spiritual spouse has been uncovered and casted out from from a man who was unaware of it.

Nov 26 - A demon of Perversion and a demon of Fear was casted out from a lady.

Nov 19 - Pastor Larry saw a snake came from the ground and bit a woman's pinky...then it keeps biting her right side. The woman revealed that 5 years ago a great wind came upon her. Since then she was afflicted in her right side and no doctor was able to explain the pain. Pastor Larry prayed for her and then she started burping. Thirty two minutes later she was still burping even as she was dismissed with 2 mighty angels of the Lord. 

Oct 28 - A ghost was casted out of a man who is teaching yoga. He was counseled against it.

Oct 21 - Lucifer and hindu gods were casted out of a guy who was given a ring by his Mom. Lucifer and the hindu gods came along with the ring that was offered to hindu gods. 

Oct 15 - A christian man was delivered from the spirit of the mountain where he was temporarily assigned in Winnipeg. It was able to enter him because he has indulged in pornography and alcohol as he was alone there. Thank God, when he was checked after the spirit was casted out, Lucifer manifested because of the anointing of the Deliverer. He said, "I was trying to hide.". He was casted out along with his thousands of demons.

Oct 15 - When a lady was scanned, Pastor Larry saw a little girl inside a house along with her siblings were playing happily. Then a big bear came and create havoc into the home. It impacted everyone and made their lives miserable. Pastor Larry asked "Did your Dad or Mom left your home?". The lady confirmed that they were a happy family until the divorce. Their Dad left them and this event has impacted their lives. Finally, she was delivered from that burden, from 1 abortion and from 3 miscarriages. She was so, she has fullness of joy manifested by speaking-in-tongues.