About Us

Jesus Blessed Redeemer Church (JBRC)

is a Jesus Christ centered, Bible obedient, Holy Spirit led, Christian church who aims to glorify the God of  Israel through following the loving ways and commandments of His Son Jesus Christ as depicted in the Bible, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Since 2006, JBRC has been born out of miracles, signs and wonders. No wonder people of different races are being healed and set free from spiritual bondages through this church's anointing in the field of Prophecy, Healing (spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and financial) and Deliverance, or PHD.

  Larry R.
  Founding Pastor (1958-2022)
  • He has been a Christian for more than 37 years and was an underground Pastor in Saudi Arabia for nine (9) years.
  • He was trained in the word of God, evangelism and in various ministries in the church. He also got a certificate from Washington Bible College (Lanham, Maryland USA).
  • The Evangelical Association of Canada accredited him as an Ordained Pastor on Dec. 1, 2007.
  • When his family came to Canada, he chose to be a lay leader/worker in a christian church. There he served the Lord for 11 years as an Evangelist-At-Large and in other ministries in a leadership role.
  • GOD ANOINTED AND APPOINTED HIM IN SPIRITUAL WARFARE. On April 2006, for five(5) consecutive mornings at 4:00am, God woke him up and gave him a "spiritual warfare" ministry. Since then, God use him to heal the sick and cast out demons and ghosts from people and properties, at times three days a week. In July 2006 he was ordained as a Pastor by the Bishop of the church he helped put up.
  • Since then, the Holy Spirit trained him extensively in the field of advance Inner Healing and Deliverance (IHAD). And then God added the gift of Prophecy to him, so they coined the word PHD which stands for Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance.
  • The skill and anointing of these gifts are imparted to his PHD students who are being trained On-The-Job. These PHD students, including Pastors from other churches, are now starting to see/hear/discern in the spiritual realm. This amazing PHD Team is now being used not only in saving souls but in healing the brokenhearted and setting the captives free...just like in the times of the Pentecost!!!
  • People from various parts of Canada, USA, Puerto Rico, India, UK, and the Philippines come or call him for their PHD needs. Testimonies  of healing for prayers rendered  over the phone are abundant...as our Lord Jesus said "The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy...but I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly."
  • During his Mission in the Philippines on June 2012, he conducted Mass Deliverances were people's afflictions and wicked spirits manifested and were casted out simultaneously...to the amazement of everyone...even Pastors!
  • Starting Nov 2014, after the PHD Course, he and the PHD Graduates, conduct Mass Healing and Deliverance to various churches to show people the healing and deliverance Power of our Almighty  God!     Video-Clips of such Mass Deliverances can be found at the homepage.                                                              



Nila M.
Treasurer, Church Driver

  • Aside from being the Church Treasurer, she is very active as a Prayer Warrior...coming to the Prayer Meeting every Wednesday and every Sunday's pre-Worship Prayer Meetings.
  • She is the officially designated driver for the brethren who needs rides.
  • She is not contented in attending one Bible Study a week, she always seek for more.
  • She volunteers during PHD Trainings and helps buy the material needs of the church like disposable plates, etc.
 JBRC History

The works of the mighty hands of God in JBRC are now becoming known in GTA, thus, people come for counseling, prophecy, healing and deliverance. JBRC members and people from other churches, even 11-year-old kids, are being trained in this amazing field of spiritual warfare. Not only that but different biblical gifts of the Holy Spirit are being experienced by members of the church.  The Lord's favor is definitely upon JBRC because aside from the PHD manifestations, there were also many Angelic manifestations in JBRC.

Even at their infancy, JBRC is now being used by God mightily to bring the Gospel to the poor, to heal the brokenhearted, to set the captives free, to restore eyesight to the blind, to  set at liberty those who are oppressed, and to declare the acceptable year of the Lord.

Starting the year 2010, people from different countries and parts of Canada are calling in and are bless with JBRC's ministry of prophecy, healing and deliverance. Healings of people in deathbeds are a normal occurance. Truly, none can compare to our greatest Healer, our Jehovah Rapha.

On Jan 2011, thru a vivid dream, God directed Ptr Larry to do a mission in the Philippines. Through the help of the JBRC brethren and those who benefited from PHD, Ptr Larry and Sis Magda went to the Philippines and conducted PHD in Manila and in Davao City. Individual and Mass deliverances were conducted where wicked spirits manifested and casted out simultaneously.

Ptr Larry now teaches PHD every once or twice a year to Christians from various churches who are willing to be equipped in spiritual warfare. The recent PHD Training demonstrated the amazing works of the Holy Spirit in that there was deliverance in all 6 Saturday sessions.

Starting Nov 2014, Pastor Larry added the conducting of a Mass Healing and Deliverance after the PHD Course. The first one was held in downtown Toronto. In this event, the Holy Spirit demonstrated God's healing and deliverance power of God in full view of many people. This was followed with another amazing Mass Healing and Deliverances in Etobicoke, Mississauga, North York, etc...

To God be the glory!