Schedule of Ministry Activities and Training





1:30pm - 2:30pm

2:30pm - 3:00pm 

3:00pm - 4:30pm

3:30pm - 4:30pm

4:30pm - 5:00pm

4:30pm - 7:00pm

5:00pm - 6:00pm

5:00pm - 6:30pm



Praise Team Practice

Pre-Worship Prayer Meeting

Registration of those who need Healing/Deliverance


Kid's Sunday School 

Fellowship, Snack and Refreshments

Prayers/Counselling for the Community 

Youth & Young Adults Discipleship Bible Study

Discipleship Trainings 

   -  How to Lead Bible Study Course,

   -  How to Interpret the Bible, Homiletics, etc.

   -  How to Evangelize     

Bible Study at Seniors Health Centre 

Bible Study at Scarboro Central

 Monthly Activities:

      -  Lord's Supper

      -  JBRC Men's Prayer Breakfast

      -  JBRC Women's Prayer Breakfast

 Yearly Activities:

      -  "First Fruits" and Declaration of the Acceptable Year of the Lord (Isaiah 61)

      -  Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday

      -  Church Anniversary & Mothers Day

      -  Walk with Israel, Israel Rejoicing

      -  Fathers Day

      -  Camping, Picnics

      -  40-Days Fasting and Prayers

      -  Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Course (once or twice a year)

      -  Christmas Celebration

      -  Year-End Thanksgiving


DISCIPLESHIP TRAININGS -  How to Lead Bible Studies, Hermeneutics, Homiletics

12-week course: normally scheduled after the Worship Service

  • Graduates will be given certificates of completion
  • Graduates will be given On-the-Job-Training (OJT)

  • Scope includes:
    • Practical Tips
    • How To Interpret The Bible
    • Summary and History of the Bible
    • Discipleship

DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING -  Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Course

  • 7-Saturdays (10am-5pm) 
  • Graduates will be given certificates of completion
  • Graduates will participate in actual PHD
  • Scope includes actual deliverance and recorded actual deliverances
  • Deliverance, practical tips, meaning of symbols, dreams and visions

The Training Courses and the Weekly Schedule may vary, please contact us to inquire about date and location. 

  • Bible Studies are being led by their respective Care Group Leaders.
  • Individual Deliverance, Healing, Visitations/counseling are available to the community. Contact Pastor Larry at (416)938-9147.