PHD (Prophecy, Healing & Deliverance)


Rose B. (PHD Batch-13; Nov 2016) 

The PHD training strengthened my faith in God more than before. I learned many things on how to be equipped and fight with Evil spirits and their cohorts through God's whole armor. It is in this training that I learned we can command Angels of God in Jesus' name and I saw in front of my eyes how God's power and Holy Spirit manifested during the actual Prophecy Healing and Deliverance session. Satan was so stubborn and tried to retaliate. But when Pastor Larry commanded Satan in full force with God's word in Jesus' name, Satan obeyed and departed. Awesome God!!!  I thank Pastor Larry for imparting us his knowledge.           

Petal J. (PHD Batch-13; Nov 2016)

Taking this Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance course has made me so much more aware of the spiritual part of life. I saw the power of God being used right before my very eyes. There are no words to describe how amazing it is to learn how to use the power given to us by God and to see people being set free from demonic oppression. To God be all the glory for giving us a wonderful and very knowledgeable teacher in Pastor Larry.              

Ron D. (PHD Batch-13; Nov 2016)
The PHD course was amazing. It really opened up my eyes on how the enemy is so effective in the lives of Christians. Pastor Larry is extremely knowledgeable in spiritual warfare and left me saying "Wow!" for most of the course. His experience and commitment to teaching us these skills and tools was truly our gift from our Lord Jesus Christ.   
Neil F.  (PHD Batch-13; Nov 2016)
Typically, watching Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance (PHD) is like watching a magician perform his tricks. One is amazed at what happened and yet struggles to grasp what's really happened. By willingly sharing his doctrinal knowledge on this subject, Pastor Larry has put many on the path to understand what is really happening in the PHD realm.       
Rev. Leo G. (PHD Batch-12; Nov 2015)
I took the PHD training for seven weeks, In that period of training I learned a lot of things pertaining deliverance. I learned about dealing with house dedications in detail for curses, ghost, demons, angels , healing and prophecy. In this training I learned about deep secrets of many things. Therefore I am please to endorse to all leaders and elders to go to this training in order to be use by God in a Mighty way. Knowledge plus anointing breaks the yoke of the enemy. 
Sarah G. (PHD Batch-12; Nov 2015)                                                                                                              

Taking the PHD course with Pastor Larry has changed my life.  I have now a deeper understanding of Spiritual warfare.I am more sensitive to the voice of GOD the Father in the Person of the Holy Spirit. I am truly blessed to be taught by Pastor Larry, mighty and anointed Man of GOD to set the captives free from the Kingdom of darkness. I would recommend the PHD training to all believers in the body of Christ. Thank you Pastor  Larry.                                                                            

D. T. (PHD Batch-12; Nov 2015)

"Thank Almighty God who sees everything and is raising people like his anointed servant who He equipped with authority, power, knowledge to  set the captives free. When the afflicted person comes, he doesn't ask them about their trouble. He tells them everything : the root cause, the effects, and help them get the solution with the help of the Holy Spirit.I recommend the PHD course to all, especially church leaders because it is a sobering situation to be blind and try to give direction to another blind person.  I will never again follow a pastor who cannot hear from God."    

-Joyce L. (PHD Batch-11; April 2015)                                                                                                                                             

 After taking Pastor Larry’s Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Course my life is not the same; it has changed for the better... I have attended many seminars and sat under various ministries that offer warfare and deliverance strategies here in Canada, the USA and the UK but none can surpass the training from Pastor Larry. It is clear he operates at a higher level in warfare training and he carries a unique anointing to confront the kingdom of darkness that very few in the Body of Christ possess... May God continue to use him mightily to bring Christ’s light into a darkened world. 

Marlene G. (PHD Batch-11;  April 2015)

 Wow! it was an awesome training. I was exposed to Spiritual Warfare training in the USA but it did not measure up in any way to what I received from the PHD training. Thank you so much for a life changing experience  and for your dedicated effort to destroy the kingdom of darkness, I will never forget it!             

Rev. William M. (PHD Batch-11; April 2015
Upon completion of my PHD I came to firmly believe that God didn't uncover the past to cause further pain, but to bring full healing and restoration to the deeper root places of my heart I couldn't reach...I recommend the PHD studies under the mentorship of Pastor Larry to all believers.                                                       
Leonor T.  (PHD Batch-11; April 2015)
What an amazing experience! My understanding about spiritual battle/ warfare was opened. I have been more sensitive to the leading and prompting of the Holy Spirit in my life... I'm so blessed with the life of Pastor Larry. He is an anointed man of God with a humble heart who can help heal, deliver and set people free from the kingdom of darkness. May God continue to use him tremendously to bring light and hope to this fallen world. More power! 
Shirley R.  (PHD Batch 11; April 2015)
I recommend the PHD training for believers.  I experienced first hand, through this training, deliverance in my own life.  This training equips believers to set people free, it opens their eyes to the unseen spiritual battle and causes a person to recognize God's mercy, cleansing and power in the name of Jesus Christ... It reveals satan's tactics as without mercy and God calling us to help those who are trapped and unable to be free.  This training opened my eyes to the importance of putting on our spiritual armour daily and the authority we have as believers to resist the enemy using the WORD of God and other spiritual weapons.  This training equips a believer to successfully deliver a person plagued by the enemy.  I recommend this training for Pastors and Christians wanting to help not only believers but also unbelievers come to Christ and be healed emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually from the power of the enemy.     
Evah L.  (PHD Batch-10;  Nov 2014)                                                                                                              

I was profoundly moved and encouraged by the teachings in this training. I thank God for sharing your gift to us. Truly God hears the desire of my heart as He is molding me and equipping me to be His mighty warrior - that's why He sent me to this training and the right person to educate me in Spiritual Warfare. Thank you for everything.                         


Mr. Jay, Woodbridge

"No matter who, I would never believe anyone who would tell me about my wife's deliverance. Thank God I was by her side all the time when she was being delivered from more than 10,000 demons and 5 ghosts. Now, I'm convinced that there are really spiritual things in this world that most of us know very little. Thank you JBRC for your amazing ministry."   


Miss SP, Brampton

"A demon has been oppressing me for the past 26 entered me when I was 5 years old. I became a Christian at 12 years old. Since then lots of Christians has already prayed for me but to no effect because the demon was still torturing me every night. In my dream he claims to be my husband and he said I and my relatives cannot marry...which is really happening.

In my desperation I scanned the internet for a Deliverance Ministry and I found the website of Jesus Blessed Redeemer Church  ( I contacted Ptr Larry, went to their Worship Service and introduced myself to him. He prayed for me the next day. In 15 minutes I was totally delivered. I was totally unconscious during the deliverance so Pastor Larry showed me the video recording of my deliverance.

I was so shocked to watch the demon inside me talked to Ptr Larry...who he is...where he came he entered he tortured me and other info.

That night, for the first time in my life since I was 5 years old, I had a good night sleep...up to now.

Thank you Lord Jesus for my deliverance and thanks to JBRC for their truly anointed ministry!"


Mrs LH, North York

"I've been suffering from tremendous pain from my left leg. Our new acquaintance couple prayed for my left leg. The next morning, I couldn't believe it -- the pain is gone! Thank you Ptr Larry for the healing prayers and introducing Jesus Christ into our lives. We look forward on our first Bible Study in my house on Thursday." 


"...also, thank you again for praying over my husband's sister's car and his dog- just days after you prayed over the car and dog, the sister, her baby and the dog got into a serious car accident where the card slammed into a guard rail and flipped over the car that it landed on it's roof. The dog was even thrown out of the car. But PRAISE GOD that his sister, her baby and the dog walked away from the accident without even a single scratch...they were perfectly fine."

Mrs. DT,  Toronto

"My life has no direction and I was suffering from misfortunes and bodily pains preventing me from getting a normal job. Through a friend I met a Christian group where I received Jesus Christ. Then, I started attending their Bible Studies.
I saw with my own eyes how God is using them in Healing and Deliverance so I asked them to pray for me. After the prayer, the curses that brought the misfortunes and bodily pains were removed from me. And I even came to know where the curses came from.
As a proud recipient of JBRC's Healing and Deliverance, I found peace and freedom that I never had for years. Truly, our God is the great Jehovah-Rapha, "The Lord is my healer".
My life is now completely changed for the better and God even gave me some a loving spouse.  JBRC, my church family, is very supportive of me and my ministry in Praise Team. Being part of this ministry, I am blessed and I will continue to serve the Lord Almighty at no cost.

Glory to God in the highest!"

Mrs. HS, Mississauga

"We praise and thank God for what He had done to us. The Lord changed our lives after our deliverance last 13th of November 2007 when Ptr Larry and the other members of JBRC performed deliverance in my family and our house. It was an answer to our prayer after a long period of suffering because of spiritual bondage to demonic influences - - robbing us of our freedom in Christ.
Now, we are experiencing peace and freedom that made us closer to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. My oldest son's attitude has completely changed. He is not violent anymore. My husband has no more difficulty in praying and in reading the Bible. For me, I am now experiencing inner peace and I am not anymore confused and depressed. "       


Since their deliverance, their family of 5 has consistently been active worshipping God in JBRC. Their friends were amazed at the sudden change they witnessed in this family. For a few months, they were constantly bothered by wicked spirits. Thanks to God who provided the skills to our JBRC's PHD (Prophecy, Healing & Deliverance) Team, all of the wicked spirits, curses, sicknesses and diseases who tried to harm them experienced the wrath of God and were all beaten up. Truly, "every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord"!!!

Their house, which was infested by wicked spirits, is now completely cleansed and is now being used to hold a weekly Bible Study. They are being trained now not only to maintain their deliverance but to be warriors in the spiritual warfare. God has prophesied a lot of promises for them and these are now amazingly happening. Glory to God in the highest!

John 10:10 - Jesus said, "The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. But I have come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly."